Why use reference tools?

Get a good overview and history of a topic, term or issue.

Focus on your topic and place it properly within context of the field of study.

Find alternate keywords to help locate relevant articles and books.

Organization, Editing, and Structure of Paper Websites

Colorado State University: Writing Guides- Organizing Your Writing
Information on the types of organization, general organizational patterns, headings and subheadings, building reader expectations, and transitions.

Colorado State University: Writing Guides- Editing and Proofreading Strategies
Information on the different methods of editing and proofreading a rough draft.

Colorado State University: Writing Guides- Developing a Working Bibliography
Information on how to create a working bibliography with different sources and formats.

Furman University: PowerWrite; Writing Help
Information and guidance on how to create and state a thesis, organize a paper, identify an audience, revising and editing.

University of Wisconsin-Madison: The Writing Center-Stages of the Writing Process
Guidelines on creating argument, usiung sources, revising, editing, and proofreading.