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Music Websites

A to Z of Musical Instrument Technology
A list of musical instrument known around the world. Many include a sound file plus a short history of each instrument.

The Orchestra: A User's Manual
The Philharmonia orchestra offers this introduction to the orchestra, orchestration, composition, and instruments, using text, quicktime videos of Philharmonia musicians, audio clips, and "illustrative musical examples."

Tower Records.com 
Although a commercial site,  this page offers a great search tool that could provide answers to music-related inquiries.

Dr. Estrella's Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers
The main focus of the dictionary is on composers of historical interest.

George F. DeVine Music Library at University of Tennessee
Good collection of classical links.

Johann Sebastian Bach: Texts of the Complete Vocal Works
A complete list of Bach's spoken-word performances.

J. S. Bach: Texts of the Complete Vocal Works with English Translation and Commentary
A companion to the above link, giving an English translation of his work in addition to a commentary.

Classical.net - Composers
This index lists those composers for which there is a dedicated page that may include a biography, recommended works, recommended recordings, and other related reviews and articles.

Listing of classical composers arranged in alphabetical order.

The Wagner Library
Content-filled website about Wagner.

Brent Hugh's Piano Home Page
Collection of links.

Free Guitar Lessons  (justinguitar.com)
Free lessons aimed at learning to play the guitar using tabs and sheet music.

Learning Musical Elements Through Listening
The purpose of this project is to provide student teaching and in-service music teachers with a resource for listening lessons.

MENC (National Association for Music Education)
A group dedicated to guaranteeing each individual the right to learn music.

Music Theory Lessons
Online lessons focused on learning to play music through the use of sheet music and music theory in general.

Biographies of Jazz Musicians
Page listing most of history's Jazz musicians and references to biographies about them.

Dismuke's Virtual Talking Machine
Recordings of vintage music from the early decades of the 20th Century. Requires RealAudio plugin.

The History of Country Music
About.com website dedicated to mapping the history of country music.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
A comprehensive guide to the legends of rock and roll.

Ultimate Band List